Reviewing IRBs

Using irex as the reviewing irb

document reliance arrangements

Use IREx to capture site’s agreement completion and study-specific cede decisions, as well as document the flexible elements of reliance.

capture site-specific local considerations

Use IREx to centralize the collection of study-specific documentation from sites and their progress completing the steps to reliance.

facilitate communications with sites

Use IREx to automate communications with site HRPPs and study teams around reliance decisions, site progress towards reliance, and sIRB approvals.

provide tools for lead study teams and coordinating centers

Use IREx to empower your study manager (lead study team/coordinating center) to help with sIRB coordination and tracking.

Single IRB Resources For Your Study

Initial Approval for Lead Site or Overall Study

Study-wide Amendment Approvals

Continuing Review Approvals

Site Amendment Approvals

Approval Documents Captured in IREx

Closing a Study in IREx

Closing a Site in IREx

Template Reliance Instructions


Fulfill SMART IRB Documentation & Notification Requirements in IREx

General Resources for Using IREx

Institutional Profile

Study-Specific Reliance Plan (SSRP)

FWA Components


Letters of Indemnification (LOI)

IREx Demo Site Now Available!

If you are curious about how to use IREx as the Reviewing or Single IRB, you can now practice in the IREx Demo site! Contact us ( to request access to the IREx “Sandbox” where you can practice creating studies and using various IREx featues before setting up your study in the live site.