Frequently Asked Questions

Can IREx only be used with Trial Innovation Network (TIN) studies? 

No. IREx can be used by any institution serving as the Reviewing IRB.The TIN central IRBs utilize IREx to support single IRB review of all TIN studies. Use of IREx is required for all TIN studies, as is use of the SMART IRB Agreement. Additionally, IREx can be used for non-TIN studies using the SMART IRB Agreement or another reliance agreement.

Can IREx only be used with the SMART IRB Agreement?

Currently, IREx only supports the use of the SMART IRB Agreement to support all reliance arrangements. We plan to allow IREx to be used with other reliance agreements and authorization agreements in the future.

What institutions can become IREx members?

US-based institutions with a Federalwide Assurance (FWA). Check to see if your Institution has an FWA here.

How can my institution join IREx? 

IREx is available to any institution with an FWA.
Anyone can request access for an Institution, but the human research protections administrator or IRB director/manager must initiate an institution’s access by completing this form. Check here to see if your institution is already a member of IREx.

The Portal Agreement is no longer required to join IREx. Click here to view the IREx Terms of Use.

After your institution joins IREx:

  • Access is provided to one or two IREx Liaisons (your HRP Administrator or individuals from your HRPP or IRB).
  • Note: Investigators and study teams are given access to IREx on a study-by-study basis.