Join IREx

Join IREx

What's required to join IREx?

  • Any institution or organization with a Federalwide Assurance (FWA). Click here to search for your FWA#
    • FWA component sites do not need to join IREx separately unless the component is a separate legal entity from the FWA-holding institution.
    • FWA-holding institutions can delegate reliance-related authority to the HRPP of another IREx Participating Institution.

How does my site join IREx?

  1. The human research protections administrator or IRB director/manager must initiate an institution’s account access in IREx by accepting the Terms of Use. Click here to view the IREx Terms of Use.
  2. Visit the member’s page (here) to see if your institution is already an IREx member before requesting to join.

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how do users get access to irex?

After a Human Protections Administrator or IRB director/manager has requested IREx access for your site…

  • Initial access is granted to one or two HRPP or IRB Point of Contacts (POCs), as provided on the IREx account request form. These POCs can add other Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)/IRB-related individuals (see quick guide).
  • Coordinating center staff and study team members are added to IREx on a study-by-study basis. These users can give access to other study team members at their site for that specific study (only).