What Our Users Say

What Our Users Say

"I think IREx is useful for study teams who have yet to create their own system of organizing the single IRB process. It's easy for them to keep track of which sites have filled out which forms and the email notifications help to understand what activity has occurred by relying sites in IREx. But most of all I like that IREx has amazing customer service. For me this is the key to long-term success of the IREx platform."
HRPP Liaison, UCSF
"IREx has made it easy to manage contact information, approval steps, and documents that each institution requires."

San enjoys using the 'export data' feature to gather local considerations from all sites and submitting them to the Reviewing IRB. "I use this feature on every single project. Just with one click, all documents from different sites of a project can be downloaded and organized in folders. The summary of each project can be downloaded and the structure consistent with other projects. Because of this feature, different projects can be drawn on the same timeline, and easily followed."
Study Manager, PBRC
"Our internal IRB system is only accessible to those within our institution, so IREx is a good option for sharing IRB-approved documents. IREx has unique functionality that allows for the storage and distribution of IRB approved documents in a way that is helpful for multi-center trials. It also allows for HRPPs, Local Study Teams, and Lead Sites to all have access to approved documents with version tracking over time as well as site specific documents all in one platform."
Study Manager, IU
"We consider IREx to be the "helping hand" to facilitate increased collaboration among the LA CaTS institutions by building trust and executing the once uncharted territory of full reliance... If we are the Lead (sIRB), we usually insist on using the IREx platform. We have included this information in our local IRB reliance request form so our investigators are aware of our preference."
HRPP Liaison, PBRC
"IREx has made the process easier and more efficient in every way. Previously, local IRB review varied significantly between sites, and we commonly encountered delays related to break downs in communication. Having a central portal where we could track the status of each site, and contact the appropriate site PIs and IRBs when we noted delays, was hugely helpful."
Dr. Casey
"..thanks to IREx I was able to onboard the sites to the study in a methodical, rapid and organized process, including preparation of site-specific consent documents."

"...The IREx support team has been accessible and helpful to solve any user issue on demand."
Study Manager, MGH
"Being able to quickly identify the progress of my participating sites using the Status Summary tab on the study dashboard has been extremely helpful. I'm frequently responding to questions from study teams regarding their site's progress in IREx and sIRB approval status. It can be a bit overwhelming when managing 100 + sites, however, the Status Summary tab allows me to do a quick search using the institution name and provide a rapid response."
Study Manager, Wake Forest

Top Favorite Features

The agreement checker makes it so easy to identify the agreement status of sites that may rely on us. We get this question from study teams and coordinating centers all the time, and the agreement checker puts the site, FWA#, and agreement status all in one place. And I can export the information! Amazing!”
HRPP Liaison, VUMC
"Honestly, our favorite resource is the IREx team. Situations arise that are unique and we never have to wait long for a response to our "Please Help" email request or desperate phone call. They reach out to us (without being prompted) to make sure we have the right guidance document or the appropriate help with a step in the process for a specific study."
HRPP Liaison, PBRC
"My favorite feature is the participant Status Summary. Having one place to quickly and visually see the progress of each site was invaluable."
Dr. Casey