Coordinating Center Staff/ Lead Study Teams

Using irex as the Lead Study Team/ Coordinating Center

MAnage Site Access and communications

Use IREx to manage sites' access to studies and facilitate communication with study teams and HRPPs.

Track Site readiness for sirb review

Use IREx to monitor sites' progress completing study-specific cede decisions and local considerations.

Export site-specific reliance documentation

Use IREx to centrally capture and download site's study-specific documentation needed for submission to the sIRB.

upload and Disseminate site approvals

Use IREx to capture site approvals and streamline related communications to study teams and HRPPs.

resources for using IREx

Add / Remove Sites
on a Study

Document Types in IREx

  • Distinguish document types
  • Improve sorting and grouping

Upload Initial Site Approvals

  • Notify site of approval
  • Provide approved study documents

Upload Continuing Review
Site Approvals

  • Communicate annual approval
  • Provide re-stamped documents

Upload Amendment Approvals for Sites