Participating Site HRPPs

Using irex as the Participating Site Hrpp

document reliance arrangements

IREx captures and stores study-specific cede decisions, as well as the detailed plan for the flexible elements of reliance.

Provide study-specific local considerations

IREx's electronic capture of local considerations allows information to be provided and edited in collaboration with your study team.

track your steps when relying on a sIRB

IREx's user-friendly design makes it easy to monitor what needs to be completed when relying on sIRBs across multiple studies.

Receive sirb

IREx automates email notifications about your studies, such as when actions are needed and new approvals are available.

General Resources for Using IREx

Using IREx to fulfill SMART IRB Requirements

  • Reliance documentation (sec. 3.4)
  • Notification requirements (sec. 5.9)

Add Your FWA Components

  • Same legal entity
  • Location specificity